Cosmetic surgery is a big decision and we recommend you consider the following factors when choosing your preferred provider


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Cosmetic Surgery at Claremont

Assurance for Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a big decision use our check list choosing your preferred provider.

Free Cosmetic Surgery Events

At Claremont we offer a range of Cosmetic Events where you can speak to our Consultants.


Consultant Plastic Surgeons at Claremont

All our procedures are carried out by qualified and highly experienced Consultants

What do I need to consider?

It is your body and any decision to have cosmetic surgery should be yours alone.

Breast Surgery

Breast surgery helps to restore proportion to your body, giving you the boost in body confidence.

Body Contouring

A range of solutions to reshape, tighten, sculpt, enlarge or reduce various parts of the body.


We will provide you with all the information you need to help in your recovery.

Price Guide & Brochure

Claremont Private Hospital has a competitive cosmetic surgery price list.

Ways to Pay

We have a range of ways to pay with 0% interest and low APR finance funding options available