Colorectal Centre

Claremont Private Hospital is working with Trusted Healthcare Partners (THP) to offer a high quality colorectal service at The Claremont Colorectal Centre.

Bowel problems are a common cause for concern with many patients needing bowel tests. The commonest problems are with bleeding from the bottom, or change in the way our bowel works (constipation or loose stool). Some patients also develop problems with the pelvic floor in later life leading to prolapse and incontinence.

Most people worry about developing a bowel cancer and the commonest symptoms of this are:

These symptoms should be taken more seriously as you get older and when they persist despite simple treatments. In the UK at present every patient registered with a GP is offered a screening flexible sigmoidoscopy at age 55 years and stool (poo) testing every 2 years from 60-75 years. This is because this screening has been shown to reduce colorectal cancers and when found they are more treatable and we would recommend attending if you are invited for these tests.

Our team of colorectal consultants have expertise in all areas including leading specialists in colorectal cancer, pelvic floor surgery and endoscopy (colonoscopy). We offer appointments every day of the week and rapid access to investigations. Our Consultant Colorectal Surgeons include

To see one of our experts please call our Private Patients Team on 0114 263 2114. NHS patients can be seen too through your GP and asking for ‘Aspen/Claremont Hospital’ Choose and Book, find out more here 

Colorectal Centre Consultants

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