Hernia Centre

Claremont Private Hospital is delighted to announce the opening of the Sheffield Hernia Centre in conjunction with Trusted Healthcare Partners.

Hernias are a weakness in the abdominal wall which usually present with either a pain in the area or a lump. The commonest sites are in the groin (called inguinal or femoral hernias), around the belly button (umbilical hernia), in the midline of the tummy (epigastric) or through an older scar (incisional). Overall more than 1 in 10 people in the UK will have a hernia at some point during their life. While not every hernia needs repair hernias do not heal by themselves and any hernias causing pain or enlarging should generally be considered for an opinion on repair.

Hernia repair is one of the commonest operations performed in the UK and the outcomes recognized to be better from large volume centres. There are a number of different techniques for repair, including both open surgery and keyhole surgery, and a very large number of meshes in common use. Surgery can be performed under general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic (depending on technique of surgery chosen). The vast majority of hernia surgery is done as day case surgery and patients do not need to stay in hospital overnight.

At the Sheffield Hernia Centre the surgeons from Trusted Healthcare Partners are all experienced hernia surgeons. Our surgeons have performed many thousands of hernia repairs, and can offer:

  • Open or keyhole technique
  • Advice on mesh type
  • General or local anaesthetic (dependent on technique)

The Sheffield Hernia Centre at Claremont has specific information and advice sheets to help progress with recovery after hernia repair. Our Consultant General Surgeons include

To see one of our experts please call our Private Patients Team on 0114 263 2114. NHS patients can be seen too through your GP and asking for ‘Aspen/Claremont Hospital’ Choose and Book, find out more here 


Hernia Centre Consultants

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